The mobile app market is exploding with smartphones over selling computers threefold. Because of this, businesses like yours have to consider something that wouldn’t have crossed their minds ten years ago: mobility. For many industries and markets, this is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Most people know that developing a responsive design is one way to foster a quality mobile experience, but mobile app development can do more.

An app can push information to your users, adjust to slow data speeds and build a cleaner, more inspiring visual experience. Arguably even more essential is an app’s ability to open your business up to more and distinct customers than it was reaching earlier. So what makes an app successful? The answer involves a lot of factors, in a lot of combinations. Apply the following qualities of successful apps to your development process for a product that meets the needs of both you and your customers.

High Quality Product

The most successful apps enable users to resolve a problem. Some of the strongest products out there do just one thing, but they do it very well. Design is an critical component, so ensure that your app is visually appealing and intuitive to use. These components alone will make success easier to attain.


Great apps have a viral mechanism integrated into core functionalities so that users can share it with their friends and social media networks. This substantially creates many customers out of one, and increased visibility through one direct point of contact. Users enjoy apps more when their friends use it too – it’s that simple.

Android Platform

You may be amazed to know that Android is now the leading platform on the global market, with “over 67 percent market share in most markets.”

Paying Attention

We can’t overstate the gravity of measuring metrics within your app. Successful apps use tools to track what users click on and what features they use majorly. Doing so allows you to create a better product with each revision and respond to what your users want.

It’s Free

There is a vast difference in installs for apps that are free and apps that are to be purchased. Even if your app is priced at just $.19, many users won’t favor it because there are so many apps that don’t cost anything. A solution is to monetize within your app to foster purchases once an app is downloaded and users know its value.

Awsome Marketing

The best app in the world won’t succeed if it isn’t marketed thoroughly. Include app promotion in your budget; it’s essential if you want to attract your first users, test metrics and continue with more campaigns.

If you are planning to or already own a mobile application, then you should seriously consider the above mentioned pointers. As the main motto behind mobile app development is gain maximum installations. If the mobile app is not compelling and the user don’t see any value in it, obviously they are not going to install it and even if they do it won’t live on their phones for a long time.