Digital marketing is continuously emerging, and in 2015, today’s digital marketers need to be one step ahead of technology trends and consumer behaviors so that they furnish the information consumers want and anticipate.

There’s so much information out there – and people expect your message ‘on demand’, across the different apps, platforms and devices they have access to, which means that developing a relevant and responsive, common brand experience via digital marketing means is critical.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at what 2015 has in store in terms of digital marketing.


There is something more personal about digital marketing. Customers don’t expect  a marketing message designed for the masses and clever digital marketing gets that. In 2015, you’ll be aware of marketing becoming more regionalized, localized and, most critically, more personalized.

We reckon personalization is here to stay, with more and more companies understanding the importance of decentralizing their structure and boosting their regional and local influence.

Data Is The Key

Businesses can utilize the evidence that people are willing to share their information to their advantage going forward in 2015, as with the right data, it’s so effortless to revert to your consumer’s needs as you can create engaging experiences that are relevant – and personal too.

Real-time analytics is also an emerging trend when it comes to data; giving businesses the ability to analyse customer data within minutes and modify messaging, content and offers quickly and with ease.

Real Time

Talking of real-time analytics, this leads us onto another digital marketing trend that just keeps on emerging – real time marketing. The way we communicate has changed drastically in the last few years, with online communication becoming the norm and social media providing us the latest on what is happening ‘now’. Because of this, customers almost anticipates brands to react to current news straightaway; if something happens and brands respond in a fun, clever, or unusual way, they’ll get noticed as customers like digital marketing strategies that stand out – and are immediate.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to react to current news or events is through social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Nissan reacted to the new Royal baby announcement with a quirky tweet that advertised the Nissan X-Trail and referred to the new baby news at the same time, although it did receive mixed reactions.

User Generated Content

The war to create eye-catching and engaging content was key in 2014 – especially as customers want more from the slogans they see; they don’t just want static knowledge, they want the messages they see to act in real time more, with compelling, real time conversations with others – and they want them to feel personal too. But, how do marketers achieve this? Simple. user-generated content.

This is where user-generated content gets engaging. Because your customers create the ‘content’ – and it’s easily accessible by other online users – all you need to do is find a place for using this angle in your overall digital marketing strategy… Get your digital marketing campaigns in place and your users will generate the content that gets your brand noticed. And even better, user-generated content will increase sales, attract a larger following and encourage customer loyalty.

Many businesses strive to achieve their targets by employing numerous marketing strategies. But they just cannot eliminate digital marketing, as this is the most powerful weapon of today’s marketing element. If you cannot concentrate on this facet of marketing, you can  always hire a Digital Marketing  agency ready to fight the battle for you.