Web app development is accelerating at an exponential rate. Demand for better, customer centric interfaces are beginning to outpace the capacity to supply them, and as more and more website developers work to meet the demand for upcoming omni-channel interfaces, more hurdles appear on the horizon.

Below are five obstacles that website developers will face in 2015.  The ability for the website developer/ web development companies to meet each hurdle head-on and execute accordingly may be the difference between a successful project, and a failed one.

Ignoring Best Practices

The speed of development and demand can lay extreme pressure on web developers. As an outcome, the “I know everything” attitudes can trump well-researched best practices which have been justified to produce marketable results. Not reviewing code, not logging, and suppressing errors are just some examples of ways web developers try to save time to meet deadlines. Following a formal quality assurance process is critical for a successful launch. If you notice web developers trying to cut corners in the website development process, discourage it immediately.

Do not confuse this with suggested process improvements and innovation. Being inventive about the advancement of a process is substantially different than abandoning the process completely and doing your own thing. Learn the difference and enforce the qualities that have contributed to successful web development projects and implementation.

The User Experience

Expectations for simple browser experiences are higher than ever. With the convergence of the digital and real world, viewers are expecting to have each application exclusive to their own consumer experience. With this in mind, developing a base dedicated to a simple, personalized experience can be daunting. If carried improperly, said development can turn your customer away and pass them to a competitor. To correct this, web development must be centered on creating a new level of personalization so that each customer believes they are the only customer.

One of the massive trends in 2015 will be the development of the omni-channel experience. Users want a seamless experience across all platforms. The ability of web developers to maximize on this trend will work to define their success rate in 2015.

Tools And Better Tools

Complications in web app development have resulted in rise of number of powerful software tools that web developers can use. Additionally, businesses are relying less on IT for the development of such tools, and doing it themselves. This in turn has the potential to create inconsistent applications that can confuse or bottleneck overall development architecture, causing missed projection targets and the closing of opportunity windows.  For any project, finding the right tools to apply may make or break the project as a whole.


Latest breaches of security with Sony and federal agency social media accounts continue to put the issue of security to the forefront. Web developers have become the creators of both frontend and back-end precautions that secure the user data used within the application itself. Cyber terrorism and hacking attempts will only increase in coming year, requiring development to include security as one of the major priorities next to consumer experience and conversion.

Web development challenges are nothing new, but as the software and demand become more powerful, the pull for invention and turnaround becomes paramount. By using big data correctly, focusing on the customer experience, utilizing the best tools, prioritizing security and working with successfully established best practices, web developers will have the strength to overcome the hurdles they may face.