A Microsite website is a simple and powerful way to direct sales proposition. It may range from one to five pages and generally consists of an order form. There is no inclusion of banner ads or advertising links or demonstration of multiple product performance.

Mini sites are segment specific and generally “direct response sites.” Visitors are usually niche, have genuine interest in the site’s offerings. A mini site focuses on single product window or service category that aims at minimizing customer confusion. The message is quick and concentrated. Lastly, it directs the viewer to the order form.

Fully keyword-enriched text are search engine friendly. Mini sites are effective for new product/service launches, promotions, market testing, events and other e-marketing online promotions.

Use your Microsite website to:

  • Display your product/service to selected viewers
  • Receive instant feedback with the order forms
  • Provide information to different industry verticals
  • Substantially cut down web maintenance costs
  • Get valuable marketing information

Our dedicated team on Microsite websites modifies an initial template ( it requires zero maintenance) and then designs it for you. As this is not a five hundred monster link, like catalog site the approach is different. A simple informational but creative platform establishes a specific objective within a short time span.

Our Microsite website development services are created keeping one aspect in mind: to offer you the right site template economically and quickly. we have a professional team of web designers and development partners. Together they works closely with the client, to ensure that the mini site meets its specific business needs. The process starts with first hand knowledge gathering from clients. Once the profile has been reviewed exhaustively our architects and designers collate information about development, lay out considerations, enterprise interface management etc.

We offer design, development and hosting services to the Microsite web sites. What you get.

  • Pan geographic advantage
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Security, reliability and support
  • Database Support
  • Traffic reports
  • Scalability

Let us look after your website

Whether you have a database driven website, ecommerce store, blog or even a simple business website, we offer a comprehensive service for the management of all types of websites. Regardless of hosting provider, we work closely with all web masters and site owners, uploading products, adding security patches and installing important updates as and when required.

We understand you have a business to run, which is why our account managers and technical engineers work closely with each other to provide a seamless website management service, leaving you with the confidence to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

About our website management services

  •  We can host or remotely access your website.
  • Add new photos & images.
  • Update website content.
  • Upload & manage ecommerce product listings.
  • Maintain booking systems & reports.
  • Install important updates.
  • Add security patches when required.
  • Direct & filter email messages.
  • Monitor submitted comments.