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India continues to be a prominent harbor for outsourcing worldwide technology needs, as the from peddles to worldwide markets are becoming more and more knowledge-intensive, we have been constantly evolving and deriving cutting-edge technologies, enduring to emerge as a destination of choice for these knowledge-based services.
Our quest grows exponentially with the advent of new technologies and frameworks, hence we have been constantly engaged with agencies and freelancers with respective expertise. This allows us to cater clients with varied requirements from contrasting verticals and technologies with ease. With standardization in place we welcome freelancers and agencies to partner with us by filling in the form here.

Why choose us as your Business Partner?

With our partnership you gain the below mentioned advantages

  1. More projects: We acquire organic project requests and also we invest profoundly in marketing and partnerships with various associations across the globe.
  2. Refined and relevant requirements: Through our matching algorithm ­ we review the nature of the project and client’s preferences, and intelligently decide which firms/ freelancers will be the best fit. Hence making sure there is no irrelevancy at both the ends.
  3. Reduced hassle: After receiving project details, our analyst study the details deeply and if required, personally engaging with the client and ensuring that there is enough detail and clarity about the project. When you receive the project details, there will be ample detail such that you can make an informed cost and timeline estimate.
  4. High conversion: Our motive to match less agencies/ freelancers per project. Hence, the conversion rate is extremely high.
  5. Payments Security: For international engagements, we are building out a payments and an deed service to ensure that you are confident in the engagement.

On what basis projects are allocated?

  • Your strenght in terms of language, framework and domain experience
  • Nature of the project
  • Client’s location and time zone preferences
  • Your ideal budget and minimum/maximum duration preference
  • Your preferred engagement model (eg: time & material, fixed price)
  • Number and size of Projects completed till date
  • Quality of reviews from clients who you engaged with before our allaince

Getting your projects executed

Every Agency/ freelancer ensures and endures to built great relationships with theirs clients, There are many instances wherein tech needs of respective clients goes beyond expertise. In such circumstances there is a huge possibility of loosing the title of end to end solution provider and sometimes even the client.

Avoiding such circumstances is close to impossible, hence as a prevention we provide a simple process. When you have a job to done but it’s out of your league, you simple can contact over email or fill out the enquiry form, we will make sure your project gets executive seamlessly.