App Store Optimization


With the number of mobile Apps hitting the App Store growing day by day, the competition to grab the top positions in App Store has been growing steeply. But the way of approaching the topmost positions in App store is limited.

When you have developed an App by investing your valuable time and money, it is necessary for you to make all efforts to push your Apps to top position. Only if your App is made visible to users when they are searching for it, will they download it. Hence, you can get return on your investment. All that means is, you need to increase the number of downloads for your App.

App Store has become like an ocean and when you register your apps in the app store you are competing against thousands of other similar apps. It is extremely difficult for a new app to generate good number of downloads, unless a proper app store optimization is done.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a professional technique that is carried out in a phase by phase manner to increase the visibility of App on the App Store. ASO involves following of many procedures, practices and guidelines to make an App successful in Apps market.

Few of the key techniques of ASO app store optimization are Keyword Optimization, Description, Icons, Screenshots optimization etc. App Store Keyword Optimization is one of the crucial ASO techniques where in emphasis is given on choosing the catchy, most searched keywords, using right keywords in description (for Google Play), choosing right 100 Char keyword & Optimizing the App’s name.

Why Do you need Keyword & App Description Optimized:

  • So you have put your Sweat, Money & Expertise in developing the best app there is!
  • An app on the app stores without the right keywords is like asking users to find a needle in a haystack
  • It’s very important to have the right Keywords & App Description so that users find your app & download it
  • If I have got your attention so far, do Read on for more on the above points

Analysis of Keywords & Improvement suggestions for Existing apps:

Do you have a existing app on the app store & have no idea what you are doing wrong or which keywords to use? we can help you figure out the keywords which you should be using on your app by doing a thorough research using a few keyword tools.

Keyword Research & App Store Keyword Optimization:

  • Is this your first app on the app stores ?
  • You haven’t got a clue as to which keywords are better for your app
  • 100 characters – The no. of keyword characters you can use in the Apple store, we can help you use these characters optimally

App Description Optimization:

  • Is your app description a essay on what your does & why its great?
  • Well essays are great for getting good grades , not for getting app users interested & your app downloaded
  • Users need to be educated about your app’s functionality using optimum no. of words
  • We will help you craft a point by point descriptive content which will highlight your apps features & functionality
  • A great description can be the difference between the user hitting the download button or moving to the next app

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